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Gemini Research

Gemini is a large population-based study of 2402 families with twins born in England and Wales between March and December 2007. Gemini families have been followed for over a decade, providing information about the twins’ growth, eating behaviours, appetite and the environment at home.

Gemini aims to advance understanding of the genetic and environmental influences on obesity risk; to identify potentially modifiable determinants of excessive weight gain in early childhood; and to contribute to a longer-term programme of integrated genetic environmental research in preventive health behaviours.

Funding information


Cancer Research UK, 2007-2012 (C1418/A7974)

MQ:Transforming Mental Health, 2018-2023 (MQF17/4)

Economic and Social Research Council, 2020-2021 (ES/V005006/1)

Brain & Behaviour Research Foundation, 2022-2023


Funding policy statement

Gemini does not accept funding from any organisations or company that promotes, manufactures or sells any food or drink products. This includes but is not limited to: commerical milk formula; infant or toddler food and drinks; sugar-sweetened or non-nutritively sweetened beverages.

Gemini measurement timeline

Gemini Timeline Infographic.png
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