Gemini Research

Gemini is a large population-based study of 2402 families with twins born in England and Wales between March and December 2007. Gemini families have been followed for over a decade, providing information about the twins’ growth, eating behaviours, appetite and the environment at home.

Gemini aims to advance understanding of the genetic and environmental influences on obesity risk; to identify potentially modifiable determinants of excessive weight gain in early childhood; and to contribute to a longer-term programme of integrated genetic environmental research in preventive health behaviours.

Funding information


Cancer Research UK, 2007-2012 (C1418/A7974)

MQ:Transforming Mental Health, 2018-2023 (MQF17/4)

Economic and Social Research Council, 2020-2021 (ES/V005006/1)

Brain & Behaviour Research Foundation, 2022-2023