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Over the years, Gemini Research has hit the headlines and been featured in various news outlets, on radio shows, and in various podcasts. Our research tends to gain a lot of media attention and public interest – because the topics we research are of great interest at the moment, such as children’s eating habits and weight. However, as researchers we have very little control over how journalists decide to cover the research. As such some news articles are much more balanced and accurate than others.


You can hear our own summaries of Gemini research in our Podcasts, articles in the Conversation that were authored by us, and in the short BBC film clip presented by Dr Clare Llewellyn (links all below). We have also included the external news coverage for Gemini’s published research, organised by topic below.



Dr Clare Llewellyn was invited as an expert guest speaker to join BBC Radio 4's popular show 'A Thorough Examination with Drs Chris and Xand'. If you would like to listen to the full episode you can do so by clicking the play button below. 

AThoroughExaminationWithDrsChrisAndXand-20221206-1TheTwinEffectArtist Name
00:00 / 28:31

BBC news showcases Dr Clare Llewellyn’s evidence based Five Top tips to Fussy Eating - Watch here

Our Dr Ali Fildes features on Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast discussing the importance of introducing babies to a variety of vegetables (skip to 19.40 minutes onwards) - Watch here


Dr Andrea Smith features on BBC Radio 4 ‘Best of Today’ discussing fussy eating in toddlers’ - Listen here


ABC Radio in Australia talks to Dr Clare Llewellyn about the effect genes may have on our eating behaviours - Listen here

ABCnews.mp3Artist Name
00:00 / 20:40


BBC’s The Food Chain… Dr Clare Llewellyn features in this podcast and discusses fussy eating in toddlers’ - Listen here

TheFoodChain-FussyOldWorld.mp3Artist Name
00:00 / 26:36

Listen to our In Conversation podcast where Dr Andrea Smith, Dr Clare Llewellyn, Dr Alison Fildes, and Dr Moritz Herle discuss fussy eating, its impact on children’s health and how it can be addressed in policy and practice - Listen now

Watch Dr Clare Llewellyn discuss the Gemini twin cohort and how genetic and environmental factors interact to influence weight gain, eating behaviours and disordered eating behaviours - Watch now

Watch Dr Alison Fildes discuss important research conducted in the Gemini twin cohort investigating children's food preferences  - Watch now

Watch Dr Moritz Herle discuss the genetics of eating behaviours, emotional and disordered eating - Watch now

Watch Dr Alice Kininmonth discuss her PhD research which examined the role of the home environment in shaping children's appetite and weight - Watch now

Online media

News coverage of the next phase of data collection in Gemini

News coverage of the home environment research:

New Scientist provides an overview of Gemini Research in June 2017 - Read here

News coverage of our research into emotional eating behaviour: 

News coverage of our research into fussy eating in toddlers’:

News coverage of our research into appetitive traits:

Portion sizes in toddlerhood:

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