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Please see below a list of frequently asked questions that you may find helpful. If you can’t find an answer to your question here or wish to contact us via email.

1. What is the aim of the Gemini study?

Gemini families are providing us lots of valuable information to help us work out how babies grow, eat and play their way through childhood. We are especially interested in how nature (the characteristics we inherit from our parents) and nurture (our upbringing or home environment) play their part in the development of appetite and weight gain.

2. What methods do we use in our research?

We are finding out how genes (nature) and the environment (nurture) affect growth by comparing identical twins and fraternal (non-identical) twins. Families have given us a wealth of information in quesitonnaires sent in the post and now we hope to stay in touch over the web too.

3. How does our research help you?

If we can understand how and why some children differ in the way they grow we may be able to use this information to advise parents on how to help their children grow into health adults.

4. How can I find out about the results of the study?

Visit our publications page for a full list of all the results that have been published to date. We regularly update this page. 

5. How can I contact the Gemini team?

Please contact us via email or by another form of communication listed on our contact page

6. I have twins, can I join the Gemini study?

The Gemini study has completed recruitment and has already collected baseline information and several years of data. Unfortunately we are not recruiting any more families.

7. I have changed my contact details, how can I let the Gemini team know?

You can update your information easily by filling in our online 'Keeping in touch' form here. Or you can contact us to provide updated contact details via email.

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