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Gemini Research Blog Series - Kristiane

Kristiane joined the Gemini team in September 2020 to begin her PhD. Her current research explores the genetic, social, and behavioural contributors to healthy growth and development in the early years of childhood. The first two years of life are an important period that shapes the future health of children. Because the Gemini Twin Study has been collecting detailed data from the very start of life, the study provides a unique opportunity to investigate aspects of the home environment, community environment, infant feeding behaviours, and genetics that could influence healthy growth in children. Kristiane’s PhD research will draw on these findings to develop a new digital infant care intervention alongside a widely used parenting App. She hopes her research will both directly support parents all around the UK, as well as shape public health policies to reduce inequalities in child health.

Having been involved with the Gemini Study throughout her Masters degree in Health Psychology at UCL, Kristiane is excited to continue working as part of the Gemini team. She is incredibly grateful to all of the Gemini twins and families for their contributions to the research.

If you are interested in Kristiane’s work or want to get in touch please do e-mail ( or you can find her on Twitter (@ktommerup)

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